How Does it work?

A Board of Trustees guides the Foundation. The Board reviews applications for donations every 3 months to determine eligibility to receive funds. The Board reviews each application on an individual basis and has no set minimum or maximum donation amounts.

Who can apply?

To qualify to receive a donation from the Foundation, your organization will be reviewed with reference to the following consideration, non of which are an absolute requirement:

  1. Be a registered charity or registered amateur athletic association
  2. Be a non-profit or community group or association with whom the Foundation can work to achieve its
  3. Have been established for a minimum of one year
  4. Have a specific project or event that the donation will be used to fund
  5. Benefit children and their parents

Application Submission

Please submit completed application to:

Allardyce Bower Foundation
c/o McLennan Ross LLP
1900, 600-3rd Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 0G5
Attention: Michael D. Aasen